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Turns regular videos into 3D ones
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DVDVideoSoft Limited

Creates 3D videos from videos in a regular format such as AVI, MOV, MPE, DivX by overlapping the original file over itself.

Free 3D Video Maker was created by the DVDVideoSoft team and its single purpose is to turn your regular videos into 3D. Its interface is extremely simple and intuitive. 3D Video Maker supports all popular video formats, such as avi, divx, mpg, mov and many others.

To create a 3D movie just add the source video by clicking "Open Left Video" and "Open Right Video" buttons which you can find on the main window of the program. It is recommended that the source videos are captured with a 2 inch horizontal shift in order to get better results. The program allows you to use just one source file if you check the "Use single source" button.

The Free 3D Video Maker program uses specific algorithms in order to turn your videos into 3D. You can choose from a list of algorithms such as Color Red Cyan, True Dark, Gray and Optimized. Select the destination of the output file, click on the “Make 3D!” button and you’re done. You are able to play the 3D video by clicking the “Play Output” button.

On the main window of the program you can find the “Options” button. It allows you to check different video preferences, select the video codec you want the application to use, change the program language and check for new program updates.

3D Video Maker is small but knows how to keep you entertained. So, put on your 3D glasses!

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports all popular video formats
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